Dukla Praha – FK Jablonec 6:1

Dukla in předehrávce wheels unexpectedly crushed ambitious Jablonec 6: 1! Domestic performed after the initial half hour hurricane offensive and four goals clearly dominated the first half. In the second, although guests decreased, but then again fired just Dukla. He advised especially Jakub Mareš, who added the two goals and two assists.

The first chance of the match have created guests, but extended Pospíšilův could cross the small lime Unibet bonus channel into the net completely free Romer. If they scored a goal, the match could take a completely different direction. But if it had, and before Dukla took the lead, she also threw away a promising chance. Tetour Považanec and headed right next door.

Jablonec defense cashed for the first time in the 30th minute after a standard situation. Mareshah extended cross wandered to creaked, which first broke out Bárta – 1: 0th Dukla leadership was due to the course of the betting online match not surprising, however, was much more surprising developments. Praguers launched an offensive hurricane, which literally blew Jablonec back north.

Three minutes after the rally VRZALOVÁ goal Mares corner and head up to 2 0 Gorkss stopper. For the next two minutes he made another cross Baumit big problems and Daniel Tetour gave into the empty already at 3: 0th By the end of the first half even he disgraced the guests after a beautiful action Mares and Dukla won in the first half 4: 0! Jablonec incredible collapse means the decision.

Jablonec 56 minutes at least reduce, if after a corner kick dropped ball into the box and Marek Kysela rebound broke the home keeper, but by him that was all. Dukla to the second half hid another two goals. Fifteen minutes before the end he found a nice pass Tetour Jakub Mareš who completed the popular “BDI”. And it did not stop there, on the tennis 6: 1, increase after 86 minutes Bidje Manzia. Dukla guests absolutely ridiculous and quite deservedly won 6: 1.

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